Lawn Gnome Publishing Location Storefront Bookstore Coffee Shop Phoenix, AZ

Roosevelt Books and Beans’ location is found at 912 N 5th Street, in the Roosevelt Row Arts District of Phoenix, AZ.

Roosevelt Books and Beans

Mmmm… Large Iced Latte


Milk options: Whole Dairy or Oat. All coffee drinks are made from local coffee roaster, Xanadu.

Cold Brew 3/4

Hot Latte 3

Housemade Chai Latte (iced or hot) 3.25/4.50

Iced Latte 3.25/4.50

Iced Chai Latte 3.25/4.50

Americano 2.75

Double Espresso Shot 2.75

Hot Tea 1.75 Green, Earl Grey, Raspberry Herbal

Hot Chocolate 3.25/4.30

Espresso Sunrise 4.25

Sparkling Water 2


Muffin 3.25 chocolate chip, blueberry, pistachio or banana nut

Croissant 2

First Friday Artwalk

Long Time First Friday Vendor of Lawn Gnome Publishing, Banding Hendrix.

The Roosevelt Row Arts District is the long time home of one of the nation’s largest self-guided art tour, the original First Friday Artwalk. Roosevelt Books and Beans is a central hub of the arts, offering books, coffee, handmade jewelry, fine art, prints and live performances at 912 N 5th St. We offer several spaces for art vendors on our outdoor patio on First Friday and during our events such as Goodnight Phoenix: Variety Show and The Phoenix Poetry Slam.

Roosevelt Books and Beans aims to cultivate arts businesses within the Roosevelt Row Arts District by serving as an art incubator. Through post-COVID programming and CDC guidelines, Roosevelt Books and Beans expands opportunities for local artists and performers to show and sell their artwork in public. Vendor fees are utilized for marketing in order to rebuild the Artwalk through awareness and grassroots education on the nature of a new era of public heath concerns, while recognizing “the new normal” and imagining how communities can support businesses and artists in a brave new world.

    First Friday Artwalk Artist Vending Submission Form




    What Are You Selling?

    Please provide your active Transaction Privilege Tax Number

    A representative from Lawn Gnome Publishing will reach out to you shortly. All vendors reserve a 10 foot by 10 foot spot on our outdoor patio upon receipt of your nonrefundable $50 vending fee.